Monday, May 3, 2010

A Weekend of Art

Last Friday I finished up my time with Centerville Junior High School's photo club. We didn't get to print a terrible amount of photos, but I think we all learned a lot about how to use the camera and make our own prints in the dark room. I talked to the librarian at the Centerville Public Library and they let us display our work. There are a few photograms and some pictures we took around town in antique shops.

This past Saturday was the womyn's center spring art show. Women identified students were invited to submit their art and perform poetry, music, dance, etc. We worked really hard getting the space well lit and inviting, and I think it really paid off. The art was absolutely beautiful and the performances were amazing. I was a little worried since we only had a few scheduled performances, but lots of people volunteered to read poetry and some even led us in some rounds. WE DID ROUNDS. how cute is that? It really seemed like there was an intentional community present and it made me really happy.