Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I write about vegan mac & cheese waaaay too much

A few nights ago I made a really yummy vegan mac & cheese from the clear creek co-op's cookbook. I added some mozzarella daiya to the mix to make it really cheesy and creamy - it ended up being the richest vegan mac & cheese i've ever put in my mouth, and that's saying a lot. I accompanied it with tofu, which I spread a locally made sweet and spicy honey mustard on. I really love comfort food and I feel kind of guilty when there isn't anything green on my plate. I decided to steam some kale and I somehow tremendously failed. I swear, for a vegan, I truly suck at cooking vegetables. In this case, I put way too much salt on the soggy kale that I over steamed...but the rest was good! Once my metabolism slows down, I'm going to be the fattest vegan in the world.

I also made some chocolate chip cookies out of the The 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes. I had just finished my exit loan counseling and decided that I needed to console myself through baked goods.

In other news, Michelle bought me a cup that has my name on it at a garage sale. I have a crunk cup. The end.