Thursday, May 20, 2010

why hello, chicago

fuzzy chicago

Hey, y'all, I moved to Chicago! I lived here last summer during my internship at Mercy For Animals and thought that it would only be appropriate to move back here to start the next chapter in my life. It's a great place for vegan food and you'll probably be seeing more posts about vegan restaurants that I eat at rather than food that I cook myself. Well maybe not because I don't have any money...but I might just do it anyways!

homemade pizza and a reuben with roasted veggies

My first night in Chicago was kicked off by making vegan pizza with Michelle and eating it with friends from mercy for animals - nathan, lee, and johnathan. We put broccoli, green peppers, onions, and boca crumbles on the pizza and topped it off with a hefty layer of daiya cheese. While living in the veganless areas of Indiana, I've almost completely cut out vegan substitutes from my diet, but thanks to the shit ton of Whole Foods in Chicago, I can know stuff my face with wonderful daiya cheese. The next day, Suzanne and I went to the Chicago Diner and I ordered my usual, which is the radical reuben. Best damn thing on this planet, even my dad raves about it. I failed to take pictures of the food at the time it was prepared, so you guys get to see the next day leftovers.

Other restaurants I went to were "the loving hut" and "lula cafe" in logan square. Yes, "the loving hut." This may sound like I'm up to some promiscuous activity, but it is actually a strange cultish vegan restaurant that is centered around the supreme master. On that note, you should go there!

While searching for apartments with Gwen in logan square, we dined at "lula cafe." It was really yummy and reasonably priced. I got a vegan breakfast burrito, which had some cilantro lime marinated tofu with lots of fixings like avocado, tomatoes, a yummy salsa, and potatoes.