Sunday, May 30, 2010

i'm a better american than you because i spent memorial day weekend on a farm.

This weekend I went to the Midwest's largest farmed animal sanctuary, SASHA farm, with friends from Mercy For Animals - Heather, Alexis, Lee, Andrew, Amelia, and Meghan. For those of you who don't know, a farmed animal sanctuary is a farm for animals who have escaped or have been rescued from factory farms. They are taken care of by volunteers and allowed to live out their life as they please - not for food consumption. I fell in love with every animal there along with Michigan's country side. We left Chicago super early and arrived in Manchester, Michigan around noon, which was then followed by a tour and some good ol' hard work. We cleaned the horse's pasture and helped fill the barn with hay. We finished the day off with a vegan potluck, which included vegan frittata, bbq seitan, noodles, rice, chips and salsa, and my dish - peanut butter and jelly bars. Then we sat back, drank a few pbr's, had a bonfire, and looked at the stars.




If you haven't pet a turkey's really need to.

I love them goats.

A bonfire was definitely in order to celebrate that shit ton of hay we put in the barn.

I already miss SASHA farm and have decided that I would love to work on a farm sanctuary for a small amount of time hopefully in the not too distant future.