Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Banana Bread and Shel Silverstein - Perfect Combination? Yes.

I made this banana bread a few weeks ago from Beth Bee's cookbook, Rabbit Food. I tweaked the recipe a little bit by amping the amount of spice and replacing the melted butter with vegetable oil. I also sprinkled a heavy layer of brown sugar and cinnamon on top....so yea, not your typical healthy banana bread and you bet your ass there weren't any walnuts up in this shit. This is the best banana bread that has ever been in my mouth and I think I'm going add chocolate chips next time. Yea, I'm definitely doing that tomorrow.

So I have yet to add any comments on music to my blog. I have to add music to my food blog because cooking wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable unless I had a good playlist going. Discussions on music haven't popped into my head while I write posts on here, but today I discovered something amazing. On June 8th, Sugar Hill records will be releasing a new tribute album to Shel Silverstein. Check out the track list:

01: My Morning Jacket: “Lullabies, Legends and Lies”
02: Andrew Bird: “The Twistable, Turnable Man Returns”
03 John Prine: “This Guitar Is for Sale”
04 Dr. Dog: “The Unicorn”
05 Kris Kristofferson: “The Winner”
06 Sarah Jarosz With Black Prairie: “Queen of the Silver Dollar”
07 Bobby Bare, Jr. with Isabella Bare: “Daddy What If”
08 Black Francis with Joey Santiago: “The Cover of the Rolling Stone”
09 The Boxmasters: “Sylvia’s Mother”
10 Ray Price: “Me and Jimmie Rodgers”
11 Todd Snider: “A Boy Named Sue”
12 Lucinda Williams: “The Ballad of Lucy Jordan”
13 Bobby Bare: “The Living Legend”
14 Nanci Griffith: “The Giving Tree”
15 My Morning Jacket: “26 Second Song”

Check this out to hear Andrew Bird and My Morning Jacket's tracks. I've listened to Andrew Bird's "The Twistable, Turnable Man Returns" about 5 times in the last 15 minutes. So good. Plus, what is there not to like about anything having to do with Shel Silverstein? I remember one of my most memorable moments in Chicago last summer being the "Shel-abration" tribute in Millenium Park. People reciting his poetry, singing his songs, and old people dancing - LOVE IT.

Lastly, I have to tell everyone in the world to check out Portland's up and coming comic artist. If what you need is an overly cute pick me up, then check her out.