Monday, July 18, 2011

New York: Cupcakes & Coney Island

Before I left Chicago, I mapped out a vegan bakery tour of New York so I could eat the raddest cupcakes the big apple has to offer. Well...after facilitating a jam packed 8 day session for the debut of a culinary arts program, I didn't have much energy to complete the whole tour. The first stop (and what ended up being the last stop) was Babycakes. I put the wrong address in my phone so I ended up combing through the streets of Chinatown...which pretty much did me in. Magically, Chinatown ended and Babycakes was right in front of my face.


creepin' a lil' more

I ordered a red velvet cupcake and helen had a carrot cupcake. The frosting was pretty awesome, but the cake was a little too crumbly for me...BUT pretty freakin' good for something that's soy free, vegan, and agave sweetened. I really enjoyed trying their baked goods since I've always wondered what their baked goods tasted like seeing as I have their pretty complicated and meticulous cookbook. If anyone else has their cookbook you know what I'm talkin' about - coconut oil (that shit's expensive), all different kinds of gluten-free flour, xanthan gum, etc. It's not like you can go into your pantry and make something from the Babycakes cookbook on a whim. You gotta plan that shit and go to Whole Foods.

Aside from baked goods, the concept and the style of the place was pretty cute and kitchy - right up my alley. The women at the bakery even wore 50's diner-y outfits and bright red lipstick to heighten this kitchy an extremely small, crowded, and hot kitchen...this is a feminist can of worms I won't open right now.

I also went to Lula's - BEST PLACE IN NEW YORK FOR VEGANS (I had cake batter flavored soft serve), Red Bamboo (buffalo chicken wings AMAZING and a philly steak sandwich - too much bread not enough fake stuff), Terri (pretty good butterfinger milkshakes - could be thicker - and a chocolate vanilla cupcake - all around yummy), Curly's (reasonably priced huge and amazing entrees - lower east side, gotta go).

But now for my most favorite place ever ever...coney island. All I want in life are carnival rides, cotton candy, old school photo booths, and the beach.

you got the crazy murals

and the wonder wheel

and photo booths with sassy friends

and this boy...who patrolled the beach...with his motherfin' socks on...??!!