Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sushi Haze

After going to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Evan and I decided to cook up a storm of vegan Japanese food. We trekked over to an asian grocery store, called Tai Nam, which is on Broadway right off of the red line Argyle stop. I was really surprised at their variety - every type of noodle you could ever think of, really tasty mochi, lots of Japanese staples, and even fresh produce. I stocked up on rice and bought a jug of soy sauce the size of my head - it was amazing. While I made inari sushi, Evan made some fancy maki rolls stuffed with avocado, cucumber, and carrot, along with sesame seeds sprinkled on the outside. We made little nori faces for the inari sushi and decided we had to fill the bento box Evan had just bought at Kawaii on Halsted. We finished the meal off with anko and taro mochi. While I've only had taro in a bubble tea, it is equally delicious as a filling in mochi.