Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The Great Northern hosted an anarchist seder tonight, which meant everyone brought an item of food or kosher wine to share, and we picked out parts from the haggadah to read and discuss at random. We also collectively recited the exodus and searched for the afikomen, as well as decided that gluten free matzo is far superior to the regular kind.

I decided to make a sweet vegan kugel with raisins, granny smith apples, and a cinnamon & ginger custard. This isn't a very attractive picture, but I always remember to take pictures of the food only after I've eaten part of it.

Then we talked about Star Wars...

and who our Harry Potter boyfriends would be....

and drank lots of kosher wine.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Mixing Bowl Happenin's

What the hell have I been up to? I'll give you a quick summary - working my butt off too much, lovin' kids, going to too many art shows with crazy paper maiche, seeing weezer cover bands, baking my brains away with cupcakes, and watching old school green day and sum 41. Oh my god...I love the 90's...you know what I love even more? 90's boys. you know what I wish the most? that I was in that sum 41 video. I wanna skate that half pipe and be that girl who shaves her whole head except for her bangs.

Enough wishful thinking, let's get down to baking business. The Mixing Bowl Bakery's main project has been creating latin infused desserts. Here's the line up:

traditional flan

shot glass of traditional flan

tres leche mini cupcake with coconut whipped cream and slivers of mango

spicy brownies

mango lemon bars with a guava glaze

You may see some of these at El Nuevo Mexicano's restaurant benefit night for Mercy For Animals...stay tuned.

Up next - stay tuned for some new cupcake creations that I'll be creating for Bon Bon in Wicker Park.

Plus, a logo for Mixing Bowl Bakery is in the works and should make its debut soon. Visit next time to hear the story behind the name, what the hell i'm doing, and maybe some new updates and baked goods.

"Girrrl!!! is a comic that we have been scheming about for months now. It is all about the adventures of your typical vegan activist radio DJ Jenny and her trusty sidekick, Aaron at a small, Midwestern liberal arts college. Together they protest evil corporations, face chicken pirate mascots, have the occasional identity crisis, and sometimes even go to class, all while giving their loyal listeners a fabulous radio show every week. There will be a colorful cast of characters including a badass Japanese exchange student and a grungy teenager who goes by “Gravy” in addition to our heroes Jenny and Aaron."

If you don't know me, no sweat. Just read the first issue and you'll get a perfectly good idea of who I am. Plus, my friends Laura and Caitlin made it...I'm not THAT vain enough to make a comic about myself.