Sunday, January 30, 2011

Breakfast for Dessert!

I don't know why people get all riled up about breakfast for dinner when you can have it for dessert with my new English Breakfast Cupcake! I just bought a huge pack of English Breakfast tea from Trader Joes and thought I would experiment with some new ideas I have for cupcakes. A perfect blend of black tea and hints of citrus topped with a super fluffy icing made this experiment a success.

Lucky for you Chicagoans! My English Breakfast Cupcakes, along with some other unique creations - a Strawberry Patch Cake, Reeses cupcakes (nut free!), Carrot Cake with Maple Cream Cheeze Frosting, and Key Lime Pie! - will be on sale at Chicago's Vegan MeetUp at Veggie Bite this Saturday 1:00.

Show your support for local vegan businesses and my beginning baking business!


adriennefriend said...

Wonderful news! But how do you make Reese's cupcakes without nuts?!

jenny said...

sunflower seed butter!