Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jim Henson is the Grandaddy of Hip

The only good thing about winter in Chicago is the boatload of free days at all of the museums. One of these being my favorite - the Museum of Science & Industry. I was fortunate enough to catch the Jim Henson exhibit, which featured some puppets from sesame street and the muppets and tons of his awesome sketches. Overall it was one of the happiest exhibits I've ever been to in a museum, and I learned that Jim Henson is seriously the grandaddy of hip.

This picture was my favorite part of the exhibit. It's little Jim Henson sitting in his front lawn in Mississippi performing as a snake charmer to a garden hose. He seriously looks like the best neighborhood friend anyone could ever have. I'm pretty sure he raised hell and every mother on the block thought he was a weirdo.

Here are some of my favorite sketches. It said not to take pictures, but you know I don't listen to that shit.


Supakorn said...

Cool. Now, I wish Jim Henson was my childhood best friend. I have no doubt that Jim and me would fuck shit up. Did he invent Sesame street or smt? Anyways, Thanks for the post. I hope you are staying happy as you always are even in the winter of Chicago. I hope I would get to talk to you soon, Jenny! I miss you!