Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Summa Time, Y'all!

Thank the fucking lord. It's summer time. It's been a long winter and a nonexistent spring and I'm ready to break out the sunblock, the mini grill, and All Girl Summer Fun Band. This memorial day I went to Millennium Park for the free concert...I don't even remember who played, I just go there to drink beer in the grass with my friends. I made homemade oreos from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. I finally had an excuse to use the 100 set of cookie cutters that I found at the thrift store last fall. I was tempted by the money sign and bike cutters, but settled for hearts and a brontosaurus.

After talking about my heart and dinosaur shaped oreos, I believe this is an appropriate time to announce my nomination for the Adorable Blog Award! A kind thank you goes out to the ladies at Girrrl!!! comic and Things I Like.

Now I guess I have to tell you 10 things about me...
1. I really love fireworks. I carry snappers around in my bag everywhere I go and the bottom of it is covered in saw dust. Sometimes they fall out of the box and snap in my bag and it scares me and everyone around me.
2. I'm REALLY good at hula hooping.
3. I'm the real life Harry Potter. I have terrible dreams with voldemort in them and my friends and I go horcrux hunting.
4. I think carnivals, cotton candy, and fair rides are the best things in the world.
5. I'm passionate about animal rights and feminism and use baking as my primary form of activism.
6. I love my job as a cooking instructor for children - I get to teach kids about vegetables and I turn moms on to tofu and tvp.
7. I enjoy breaking rules.
8. I will kill you in a game of four square.
9. I have an insatiable desire for sugar.
10. I enjoy being a bakery snob.

I will now nominate this award to my wonderful friend Adrienne over at Crack the Plates. She named her cats "Baby Rar" & "Baby Perl"...I mean...come on.


adriennefriend said...

Oh my goodness!!!! This was a ridiculous surprise! I'm totally honored :) :) :) Can I still vote for you though?