Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chicago Women's Skillshare - Gardening

Chicago finally has its own women's only skillshare! If you're a woman, live/are visiting Chicago, and would like to contribute or learn a skill, add yourself to the group on facebook to stay in the loop. This group was mainly inspired by the desire to initiate an intentional community of women. I realized that I have so many unique and amazing friends that would benefit from both learning new skills and teaching others their own amazing talents.
Here's my schpeel:
Chicago Women's Skillshare aims to create a women's only space where learning and teaching are used as mutually beneficial and empowering tools. Women are invited to a monthly skill share hosted on the first Sunday of the month. "Skill" is an extremely open ended term and is completely dependent on what you feel like you should share with the group. This could include teaching a hands on skill - knitting, fixing bikes, cooking, gardening, playing tennis - an informative skill - teaching a language, talking about geography, discussing your favorite author - or even telling a story.

Check out the photos of our first skillshare on gardening at the Campbell Co-op Garden.

Showin' off our dirty hands and cover crop

Our raised bed complete with carrots, beans, beets, swiss chard, potatoes, cucumbers, and tomatoes (seedlings from Thomas Jefferson's estate provided by Slow Food Chicago)
Our squash mound

Giving the low down on compost for the neighborhood

Cleaning out the 3 bin composting system

Collecting our edible wild greens for a snack


adriennefriend said...

Kicking ass and taking names - love it! Empowerment!