Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary

It's the one year anniversary of A Cupcake Chronicle. I didn't have time to blog today, so this picture of a cat wearing a hat will have to suffice...actually...I'm going to write, goddammit, even though i'm tired because this blog is THE BEST.

A Cupcake Chronicle started with a notebook.

Now it contains silly posts on cupcakes filled with obscene vulgar language from yours truly. I've thought about toning it down a little bit because, you know...my mom reads it and all and I'm trying to start a little baking business...but who the hell cares! It's been great to have a creative outlet, especially with writing since I was only used to writing papers in college and angst-y journal entries in high school.

Stay tuned for more cupcakes and other exciting happenings. I've been going on some baking adventures and I'll document them soon. Thanks, readers, for a wonderful fabulous blog year!