Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcake

I know it doesn't look fancy, but it sounds fancy, right? I went home to South Bend, Indiana this weekend for my mom's birthday. I've been looking for any opportunity to experiment with a few ideas of mine, so I decided to test one out for my mom's b-day present. My parents are picky, so I decided to combine flavors that they both love - chocolate and hazelnuts. Good luck finding hazelnut extract at 5:00 on a Sunday in a small town in Indiana. Thank god for kind people who work at Starbucks. I popped in there, asked them to give me a few squirts of hazelnut syrup and then asked for a giant cup of free water because I was super thirsty...i'm a terrible customer to help so that's why I tip well.

These cupcakes turned out AMAZING. So freakin' fluffy, so much hazelnut. My whole family was overcome with complete cupcake euphoria.