Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Hunting

It's mid-October. I'm gonna carve a fucking pumpkin. Last time I was biking to Logan Square I spotted this gem of a pumpkin lot located across the street from an ihop and a walgreens. Once again, I've found a little slice of good ol' Indiana in the city. This thing looks exactly like those christmas tree lots featured in a Christmas Story and holiday episodes of Family Matters. In fact, "the pumpkin keeper" (the name we assigned for the guy running the place) looks like a character straight out of Pete & Pete.

Gwen and I picked two pumpkins and a bunch of indian corn to hang on our front door. The process of picking your pumpkin soulmate is so exciting! Everyone has specific criteria for their perfect pumpkin - cute small size, long stem, nice color, etc. You'll comb the fields for hours looking for not only pumpkins that fit your qualifications, but ones that stand out from the others. And once you've found your significant pumpkin, you squeal! Well that's what I did.

I found him!