Monday, October 25, 2010

a lil' bit o' craft

The small third bedroom in our apartment was one of the prime factors for me in making our final decision on choosing our home. I told myself that I would transform it into a sewing/crafting room where I would rediscover the creativity that I had cultivated before college. College crushed it. I'm reclaiming it.

Here is a little bit of an update on things that I've been working on. I've come up with a lot of fun ideas, but I have yet to execute many of them due to the lack of supplies and the pain in the ass bike ride to Jo-ann's. I've mainly been focusing on sewn houseware items, specifically aprons, but in light of not having tracing paper, I've resorted to making crafts with the items I have on hand.

The first of these are ric rac broaches. I have designated a ric rac bag, which I hang on my bed frame, and make these while I watch Pushing Daisies. p.s. i have no life.

Tonight I started making a garland out of the Spanish Bingo cards that I bought at the Walgreens by my house. Once again, living in Humboldt Park has worked towards my greatest advantage. I'm in love with the pictures and have been trying to think of some ways to use them. The first of these has been transforming one of the cards into a dirty dishes/clean dishes sign on our dishwasher since it's so hard to tell the damn difference. The small cards I thought would suit well as a cute garland. I've added some bows of polka dot ribbon that has been in my sewing kit forever, but unfortunately I ran out.

I also sewed a set of curtains for our wonky three front windows. Curtain selection is absolutely terrible and you bet I'm not wasting my money on any of the shit they have at Urban Outfitters and I'm sure as hell not going to drive my ass to Ikea.


adriennefriend said...

i love everything! what kind of crafty stuff are you in need of apart from tracing paper? i might have stuff to spare.

jenny said...

hmmm...mainly tracing paper so I can make my aprons, but any craft stuff would be greatly appreciated! most of my supplies I've received from friends and I always find a way to use them! send anything my way! i miss you so much :(