Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Suds & Sweets

Really? December 27th was the last time I wrote a blog post?! RIDICULOUS. Well I'm coming back with a bang! Mixing Bowl Bakery was super busy filling Valentine's orders for the sweethearts of the world. We made heart sugar cookies, amaretto black forest cupcakes, oreo truffles, black & white 'xo' cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and red wine cupcakes. Valentine's Day was a huge success and %10 of proceeds went to Mercy For Animals. YA!

Now for the real reason why I'm blogging today - to support & rave about Kim's soaps at Bodhi Basics! Made with high-quality organic ingredients, a junk-free guarantee, and a %10 donation to the Humane Society in Sarasota County - how could you go wrong! Check out the website and scroll through the pretty pictures and read the tempting descriptions - exhibit A - The Lavendar Bar - "Organic mango butter and avocado oil combine with Lavender essential oil to sustain a luxurious, lightly scented, and note-worthy bathing experience. 100 % vegan." - yes please! Want your pup to smell good too? Check out their soaps for dogs!

Kim and I used to bake together at a Chicago restaurant, and if her soap skills are half as good as her baking skills, we're all in for an awesome treat!