Monday, November 1, 2010

Kickin' Route 66 Style

Fuck Chicago. We're kickin' it route 66 style. Gwen and I have been wanting to take a day trip to get a little country air in our lungs and some corn in our face. Jesus H. Christ was it hard trying to find somewhere fun to go in the midwest for a day. Though we were faced with these challenges, Gwen and I grew up in the Midwest, so we are used to inventing our own fun...thus, a road trip along route 66 was born. We mapped out our trip from Chicago to Funks Grove, IL where we would stop at a series of quirky locations. These sites were so underwhelming...which made it overwhelmingly fun!

boo-bye, chicago!

polk-a-dot drive in - braidwood, il.

this is what vegans eat at diners...sweet lord i hope these were vegan.

the world needs more fiberglass statues.

where i should be - in between elvis and james dean.

wah wah waaaaaaaahh.

piss hole.

Barney Fife ain't got shit on me.

silo shadows

probably the most underwhelming site - a filled-in pedestrian tunnel.


Memory Lane in Lexington, which had a series of vintage billboards along a mile stretch of original route 66.

Chapel of the Temple Trees in Funks Grove, IL