Thursday, September 23, 2010

Apple Pie Cage Match

Fall is quickly approaching! Leaves are turning brown, the wind is fucking strong, and people start eating apples until their ears bleed. Another symbol of the transitioning seasons, is Bucktown's Apple Pie Bake Off, which is happening on October 10 in Holstein Park.

*que "the final countdown"*

I have registered in this contest and I plan to dominate. I've chosen to name my pie "Uncle Apple" and this title is best illustrated by the dough handlebar mustache that I have given him. I made my first practice pie last night, which consisted of a hella thick, rich crust, and a combination of golden delicious and granny smith apples covered in freakin' amazing goo. I was really pleased with how this pie turned out, but i'm definitely going to tweak the recipe by adding more of a thickening agent and some spices and perhaps lowering the amount of sugar.

I'll document more practice pies, but in the mean time, don't worry, i'll post pictures of my ribbon when i win.


adriennefriend said...

It's beautiful! You're so talented. Uncle Apple indeed.